The beloved New Year’s tale in an incredible new format.
The beloved New Year's tale in an incredible new format.

«The Immersive Nutcracker», a highly anticipated immersive show opened its doors in 2021 in Toronto, the home city of its creators Storywall Entertainment. This incredible performance is unlike any other Nutcracker production featuring stunning visual effects, breathtaking music, ballet and an immersive storyline that will transport you to a magical world of wonder and enchantment.
While carefully preserving the storyline of the original tale, we recreated its magical world in an immersive, larger than life format, using the full spectrum of modern technologies. The scenes from the familiar Hofmann’s fairy tale envelop the audience in their magic and ignite the spectators’ imaginations, pulling them deeper into the world of the Nutcracker with modern special effects and a contemporary reimagining of the renowned classical soundtrack. Every moment of the performance is designed to take your breath away.

With the 2022 showings already taken place in 13 cities all across United States and Canada, audiences were treated to a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered for years to come. But don't worry if you missed it - we're already working on plans for the next tour, and we can't wait to bring this incredible show to even more locations in the future.

Find yourself inside a winter wonderland, allow the blizzard to spin you in its snowy dance, find your lucky star in the starry winter sky, and see with your own eyes a huge Christmas tree, which stands in a marvelous house filled with toys.
Five amazing fairy tale worlds of The Nutcracker await you. The magic of the New Year begins at the entrance: the intro zone features a museum of "Hoffman's Workshop", which will help you to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the Christmas fairy tale and get acquainted with its main characters. Then proceed into a grand hall, where three huge screens will project the immersive show with 3D animation. The image will be so realistic that it will seem as if all the spectators, along with Marie and the Nutcracker, are in a parallel reality, where the mice and the Mouse King, the sugar fairies and tin soldiers, dolls and toys all come to life.
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11 years old, lives in Canada, student of Star School, Musical and Theatre Academy
Alex Marinosyan
12 years old, lives in Canada, a student at the Fouetté Dance Academy
Elizabeth Pivovar
Renowned Russian ballet dancer, premier of the Bolshoi Theater
Denis Rodkin
Russian ballerina, leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater
Eleanor Sevenard
Storywall Entertainment, a production company based in Canada, has assembled a team of top creative professionals from around the world. The Immersive Nutcracker marked the company's debut project. Following its successful premieres in Toronto and Moscow in 2021, it embarked on a tour of 13 cities in the United States and Canada in 2022. The next exciting chapter for the show begins in 2023 when it starts its grand European journey.
Vahan Marinosyan
«We have assembled a team of the best professionals from around the world and are going to present a new interpretation of the famous fairy tale using the world's most advanced technology.»
Zhanna Stepanova
Screen Writer and Director
«The Nutcracker» — is a timeless classic, loved by children and adults on all continents. The amazing new technology allows to fulfill the most daring fantasies and put the audience in the heart of the action, where they become not just observers, but participants in a magical Christmas fairy tale.
Evgeny Druzhinin
Art director
«Projection design is a mystical connection between monumental painting and lighting. It creates a sense of magic and a New Year's miracle.».
Aslan Gotov
Сomposer, arranger

Behind the scenes
A Winter Miracle

Dru ft. Katie Pivovar
& Star School Academy
Vahan Marinosyan, Storywall Entertainment Inc.